Online services

Welcome to the Online Reference and Reading Virtual Room!

You are in the area where you can acess diverse functionalities, some of them only available in person on the archive!

Since April 2012 that, through the Internet, any user can acess the research of the custody description fonds and, if available, the visualization of the digital reproductions (images) of the documents.

DGARQ now provides other services to it's users.

Similar to the old user ID cards, the registry in this virtual room allows you acess to:

  • documents reservation requests to presential consultation (possible for non-digitalized documents);
  • consultation requisition (if found in the Archive);
  • requests for search and reproduction performed by the Archive;
  • documents early consultation/document reservation requests..
  • microfilm consultation requisition (if found in the Archive);

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All your relationship as well as the ADP will pass through where: response to your requests, e-payments, certificates obtainment... without the need of leaving your home, workplace or when travelling, a space always available where there is an Internet connection. Your registry allows you to access the information of your requests, pending and completed, and a notepad, extremelly useful for your researches and your relationship with us!